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Jabadao was founded in 1985 and uses music, movement and dance to support children of all ages enhance their physical development.  Jigsaws understands the importance in spontaneous movement and play to support children's development and therefore invested in training two members of its staff in Jabadao.  With these skills all practitioners now become involved in Jabadao sessions encouraging children indoors and outdoors in large and small movements using parachutes and ribbons, balance balls and materials.

At all ages children need physical development and this is why it is such an important part of Early Years.  As babies in the Crawlers Room music and movement is important.  As children move they develop and strengthen brain connections.  Gentle Jabadao games will give the children the opportunity to move freely and explore.  Singing and musical instruments will also be provided here.

In our Explorers Room Physical development will be supported through weekly Jabadao sessions lead by our Jabadao trained leader.  This will involve the children in games to develop balance and coordination and promote gross motor movement and fine motor control. 

In our Discoverers Room Music and movement will be enjoyed on a daily basis with access to musical instruments, CD player, dance scarves and ribbon streamers.  Again, physical development will be supported through weekly Jabadao sessions lead by our Jabadao trained leader. 


All-round care for your child means to us:

  • language development supported through trained Makaton staff
  • early musical and imaginative appreciation with training from Pyjama Drama
  • physical education supported through trained Jabadao staff
  • Forest Schools supported through level 3 trained staff 

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