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Prices September 2022 to August 2023

At Jigsaws we offer four kinds of childare contracts and you can choose the one that works best for you.


Full Time Contracts - These are contracts taken for the whole period September until August.  Your sessions are booked and you pay each month in advance for your sessions.  During this year period you can take a two week payment holiday (pro-rata).


Shift Pattern Contracts - It may be that due to your work you need to use our shift pattern contracts.  For example You may work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday but week one is Monday and Wednesday and week two is Wednesday and Thursday.  At Jigsaws we can book the three days for you but on the days you work you pay the full cost and on the days you don't use us you pay a 15% retainer cost.  No payment holiday is available with this contract.


Term Time Only Contracts - If you only need childcare during the school term for example a teacher or work in education we offer these contracts.  You pay full sessional costs during school time and a 15% retainer during holiday times.  no payment holiday is available with this contract.


For these contracts a 4 week cancellation period or change of requirements is necessary.  The Child Contract form you will be asked to complete on joining us contains a full list of terms and conditions on the reverse. 


Occassional Use - With all these contracts and in addition to them, we do offer occassional use where you may need to arrange extra sessions as a one off or over a short period due to family circumstances. 


Also we do not charge you when we are closed so that includes Bank Holidays or training days that we may have. 

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